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Discover circus: (groups of 45 participants and less)


You have watched and ADMIRED these kings of circus, well now it’s your turn.


Whether it is a school outing, a summer camp, daycare service or sports club. The Youth group packages are conceived for you.


Our « Discover circus » package is a group of circus activities that stimulate school age children. With the help of our qualified instructors, the children will have the change to experience apparatus used by professionals, such as; the trampoline, single or double static trapeze, tight wire, acrobatic cycling and even doing pyramids. And obviously the main activity FLYING TRAPEZE.


Your children will discover talents that were unimaginable until now…


Who knows we may discover a future circus performer!


Reserve your date now by calling at 450 661-0880, and come and live an unforgettable experience. Flying trapeze is now an activity that is available to all…