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Flying Trapeze


Trapeze le Voltigeur offers a safe environment, a friendly atmosphere and an incomparable relaxation. The whole experience occurs in a unique and enchanting space.
Flying trapeze is a fun and different activity. Our highly qualified staff will allow you to learn at your own rhythm independently of your level. You will fly over a net and will have a security harness on you at all times.


Your first flying trapeze class


The best way to fully experience the flying trapeze for the first time is with the « daily classes »


What to expect :

  1. First of all it is important to reserve a spot in one of our daily classes. You may do this by telephone at 450 661-0880

  2. Once you have reserved download the liability waiver.

    * For participants under the age of 18, the portion for parental consent is mandatory. (It is important to have this form with you when you come and see us)

  3. Next take the time to watch our Initiation Video


Don’t worry, you may not accomplish everything on the first try. It is completely normal. Our experienced instructors design the class for people of any level. There is no need to be a gymnast or diver to succeed, only the desire to live something exciting and different


If you have any questions: Call us at 450 661-0880 or visit our FAQ


We hope to have you flying with us soon!